Why Our New Facility Features Floor-to-Ceiling Glass Windows in Exam Rooms

Dog laying calmly in exam room

Our pets speak their own language, and while we can’t decipher everything they’re trying to communicate to us, we know a few things. One of them is that pets generally do not enjoy visits to the veterinarian’s office.

As if you needed further proof that our pets are just like us.

Traditionally, veterinary offices have taken on the look and feel of a doctor’s office, which is to say they’re white-walled, windowless (once you leave the reception area) and their aesthetic exists in stark contrast to the outside world. Here’s the problem when it comes to animals: they’re accustomed to the outside world, and it’s normal to them. Whether it’s the backyard, the living room, or their favorite blanket, our pets become familiarized with their surroundings and it puts them at ease.

When you think of a traditional veterinary office, the opposite comes to mind.

That’s why, when planning the future of our practice and conceptualizing how we wanted our new facility to look, we wanted to eschew the traditional way of doing things. And it’s not just because we felt like being different; we’re looking to the future and we are passionate about pushing veterinary medicine and technology into a new frontier.

We can’t realize the big picture if we miss the details.

Pet anxiety is one of those details.

Our new facility, at 1515 W. Lane Avenue in Upper Arlington, opened its doors on Feb. 28, 2019. One of the first things our guests have noticed is that the facility features floor-to-ceiling glass windows in each of our exam rooms – which relates back to our desire to put your pets at ease when they visit us.

Glass-walled examination rooms have been proven to reduce pet anxiety and make the visit more comfortable. It feels normal, it feels open, and it feels natural. That’s what your pet should expect when they enter a new environment, and it’s also what you (the pet owner) should expect from our team.