Spaying and neutering prevent unwanted litters, help protect against some serious health problems, and may reduce many of the behavioral problems associated with the mating instinct in our family pets.

The decision whether to declaw a cat should be made by the owners in consultation with their veterinarian.

Spays & Neuters

Spays (Ovariohysterectomies) and Neuters (Castrations) are performed under general anesthesia at a minimum age of 6 months. A spay is recommended to prevent pregnancy, mammary cancer, and development of pyometra which is a life-threatening condition in which the uterus becomes infected and requires emergency surgery.

Neutering prevents pregnancy, may reduce aggression, helps prevent inappropriate marking, prevents testicular tumors, and prevents benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate) in male dogs. Spaying or neutering your pet will benefit their long-term health and reduce the stray population. (or overpopulation of strays)

There is a condition in male dogs and cats called cryptorchidism in which one or both testicles do not descend into the scrotal sac, but are still inside the abdomen. With this condition, there is an increased incidence of abdominal testicular cancer. In order to prevent this condition, an abdominal exploratory is necessitated to remove the testicular tissue in question.

At the time of spay/neuter, pets are microchipped at no cost to owner, however, the owner is responsible for the activation fee for Home Again Microchipping. Microchipping is highly recommended as it has allowed several lost pets to be reunited with their family.

Declaw (Onychectomy) is a procedure in cats in which the claw/distal digit is amputated to prevent destruction in the household and to reduce trauma caused by cat aggression. It is a procedure that we perform based on the owner’s request and after careful education and discussion. If declaw is necessitated, we recommend only a forelimb declaw (front paws) to allow cats to be able to scratch themselves with their hind paws. We do not recommend declawing cats that are indoor/outdoor as claws help them protect themselves from getting hurt and give them the ability to climb.

Feline patients undergoing the declaw procedure receive pain medication pre and post operatively, are given local lidocaine blocks to prevent pain, are hospitalized overnight for post operative management, and receive a long acting antibiotic injection to prevent infection.

All declaws are performed with a laser which minimizes discomfort/pain and most kittens are playful and weight bearing after surgery. This is very different from the traditional amputation performed in previous years. Most of our declaws are performed during the spay/neuter surgery to minimize multiple anesthetic procedures and costs. However, adult declaws are also performed on a case by case basis.

Scratching is a normal feline behavior. Cats scratch to condition their claws by removing old nail sheaths, scent mark objects with the glands on their paws, visually mark objects by leaving shredded matter as evidence, stretch and exercise their forelegs, and enjoy a pleasant sensation. In order to promote appropriate scratching behaviors, we recommend the following:

  • Provide suitable implements for normal scratching behavior. Examples include scratching posts, cardboard boxes, lumber or logs, and carpet or fabric remnants affixed to stationary objects. Implements should be tall or long enough to allow full stretching, and be firmly anchored to provide necessary resistance to scratching.
  • Place appropriate scratching objects near scratched furniture and make them more attractive than the furniture. Additionally, place scratching objects near resting areas so the cat can stretch and scratch after resting.
  • Train cats through positive reinforcement (e.g., treats, use of catnip, verbal praise, etc.) to use the above implements.
  • Trim cats’ nails every one to two weeks.
  • Consider artificial nail caps.
  • Avoid harm to themselves or cats by avoiding engaging in rough play.

Customer Reviews

  • Upper Arlington Veterinary Hospital is by far and away the best veterinary clinic I have ever visited. I have been bringing my four-legged family members here for 10+ years and would never even consider seeing another veterinary practice.

    Shane C.

  • Always a happy, caring staff who my lab/coon-hound Ollie LOVES! No issues ever going into here for his vaccinations and check-ups. Everyone working there has been extremely kind and helpful. I'm very glad I found this gem of a Veterinary Hospital as soon as I moved to Columbus about 2 years ago.

    David W

  • I have been taking my 2 Italian Greyhounds here for a few years and we love it! The staff genuinely cares and always takes the time to answer any and all questions and always explains everything thoroughly and the facility is always clean.

    Jaime K.

  • We love taking our dog here! Excellent service and care from the moment you walk in the door. They really care about your pet and will follow up to make sure they are doing well. Excellent communication about plan of care and necessary treatment.

    Angela F.

  • I'm 100% pleased with the quality, compassion, knowledge and skill of all the staff. They have been extremely understanding of my situation and have been very compassionate. If my pets could speak, I'm sure they would agree. I highly recommend the Upper Arlington Veterinary Hospital!

    Jay F.

  • I can't say enough good things about this vet! I'm a first time dog mom and the doctors and staff here have put me at ease every visit. They don't just care for your pets medical needs, they also give them the love and attention they need to be comfortable here, which makes every visit a breeze. They are also extremely flexible with scheduling appointments. Highly recommend this vet to anyone!

    Kirby F.

  • Dr. Joanna and Dr. Adam Parsons are so kind, compassionate, thorough and treat each of my dogs like they're one of the family. The office staff and vet techs are amazing and they accommodate even the most behaviorally challenged dogs with ease and understanding. I love that my dogs get such an excited greeting every time they visit. This truly is the best vet's office I've ever been to and I'd never take my dogs anywhere else.

    Katie C.